Providing Australian's Free Usenet Access To Text Newsgroups

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We provide free text group Usenet access to Residential and Mobile Customers of Australian ISP's and Educational facilities, we do this by adding your IP Address Ranges into our access lists, all you need to do is tell them the server name to use, and access should be automatic - no username or passwords required!

We do this because Usenet still has a wealth of information available with most topics found in one spot, no need to go hunting for forums and sign up giving away your personal details. As the service is only text groups, there are little problems with bandwith or disk space, we have filters that stop posters submitting binaries, and we explicitly block binary groups from being added by our upstreams, we know that binaries do have legal uses, but being based in Australia, we could never afford the bandwith or storage requirements for binaries.

If your Australian Residential Service is denied access, you should contact us (above) to request access.

Residential End-Users requesting access, should not supply your Surname or Phone Numbers, since we will do IP verification on your behalf, please do supply a valid Email address so you can be advised of your requests outcome.

ISPs and Educational Institutions need to supply a contact name inside your organisation, ideally this is the person making the application, their contact/extension number, your ASN, and your end-user residential customer IP ranges, both IPv4 and IPv6 Netblocks (although we currently don't accept IPv6 connections, this will eventually change).

These must be for your own Residential Customers only, if you have ranges for Web-Hosting or Colo, or Business Clients with portable IP ranges issued by APNIC, they are not to be included. Failure to adhere to this may result in complete withdrawal of access for your organisation. If you repurpose a Residential IP to a Host Solution, please advise us within 24 hours.

Educational facilities should be aware that as with most Usenet Services, we too place limits on multiple connections from a single IP address, so if your students will be accessing via a proxy, it is important that you point that out to us along with which proxy IP address(es) so we can increase the limits for them.

We do not provide access to VPS or VPN providers, TOR Relays, or known Hosting/Cloud Netblocks.


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